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Abstract # 144 – Paper
10/16/2018 – 9:00 AM – 9:20 AM – Daffodil Room

Digital Copper corrosion measurement vs. Visual rating _ Incorporating new technologies to method development

Aaron Mendez – Ayalytical Instruments
Juan Ayala – Ayalytical Instruments

Crude oils and Petroleum products contain sulfur in many different compound types that are associated with the increase of corrosiveness with the well know negative impact on operation efficiency. Ayalytical Instrument has developed a series of instruments based on digital detection imaging and a classifying visual algorithm displays automatically very accurate, corrosion ratings in seconds with an extraordinary repeatability. Test Method D130 is an important test method that measures corrosion on a standardized copper strip and is cited in numerous product quality specifications. The revision of D130 to incorporate an automatic rating procedure is part of the natural technological method development that has been observed in ASTM ever since its foundation. The revision brings numerous advantages to the current biased corrosion assessments in terms of unambiguity, speed of analysis and precision, which are undoubtedly beneficial. There a series of concerns however that need to be clarified before a ballot action of this sort passes the D2 Committee balloting process. Among these concerns perhaps the documentation of the new procedure and its correlation to the current visual procedure is one of the most important one. Experimental Results to be presented will address the issues of correlating the automatic procedures to the conventional visual rating.


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