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Aquamax KF Oil Evaporator Titrator

Portable. Durable. Oil titration without complication.
ASTM D6304,

								ASTM D6304, 

Durable. Dependable. Design you can trust.

The determination of water in additives, lube oils, automatic transmission fluids, hydrocarbon solvents and other petroleum products is critical to enable accurate prediction of performance and quality of industrial equipment. The presence of water in such samples can lead to corrosion and wear of machinery as well as reduce the effectiveness of lubricating additives. Adhering to ASTM D6504, the Aquamax Karl Fisher Oil Evaporator model 51000 is designed as a stand-alone unit to be used in conjunction with most leading models of coulometric and volumetric Karl Fischer titrators.

The oven temperature can be adjusted from ambient to 200 with a digital carrier gas flow setting of 300 ml per minute. To conform to ASTM D6304 procedure C, a 5 gram sample is made up to 10ml with dried hexane, shaken until dissolved. Next, a 1.0ml aliquot is injected into the base oil of the oil evaporator. The liberated moisture is then transferred into the titration vessel by the carrier gas, where it is titrated coulometrically.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Cou-Lo Formula Reagents
Desiccant Tube LDC + cap
Paper Rolls (Thermal)
2nd Year:
Electrode Lead
Gas Tight Syringe
Generator Electrode
Remaining Parts:
Heater type   Silicon mat heater
Temperature range   Ambient to 200 C
Temperature control   Digital setting
Gas flow rate   300 ml/minute
Gas flow control   Digital setting
Carrier gas   Nitrogen gas (not supplied)
Desiccant   Molecular sieve
Power supply   24VDC, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Dimensions   18 x 24 x 21 cm
Weight   3 Kg

Brochure: Aquamax KF Oil Evaporator by GR Scientific

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