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Aquamax KF Portable Titrator

The truly mobile Karl Fischer coulometer
API MPMS CH 10.9, ASTM D7995, ASTM D7923, ASTM D5797, ASTM D1533, ASTM D3401, ASTM D4928, ASTM D5460, ASTM D6304, ASTM D6869, ASTM E1064, BS 6829: 1.5, IEC 60814, IP 386, IP 438, ISO TC 158/SC, ISO 10101-1, ISO 10101-3, ISO 10337, ISO 12937,

								API MPMS CH 10.9, 
								ASTM D7995, ASTM D7923, ASTM D5797, ASTM D1533, ASTM D3401, ASTM D4928, ASTM D5460, ASTM D6304, ASTM D6869, ASTM E1064, 
								BS 6829: 1.5, 
								IEC 60814, 
								IP 386, IP 438, 
								ISO TC 158/SC, ISO 10101-1, ISO 10101-3, ISO 10337, ISO 12937, 

Designed for precision. Adjust to perfection.

Designed to be ultra portable, the Aquamax KF Portable titrator is based upon the highly successful Aquamax KF Coulometer. Compliant with API MPMS CH 10.9, ASTM/D1533/D3401/D4928/D5460/D6304/D6869/E1064/BS 6829: 1.5, IEC 60814, IP 386/438, and ISO TC 158 SC/10101-1/10101-3/10337/12937/10101-3/10337/2937, this unit will meet all of your Coulometric Karl Fischer testing needs. This fully portable version of the Aquamax titrator also features our simple to program interface, meaning that titrations can be calculated with the push of a button.

In order to facilitate quicker testing, our Aquamax KF titrator allows users to inject the 10ul distilled water sample by pressing the ug check button, located at the (as required by ASTM methods of analysis) by pressing a single ug check button. After the 10,000 microgram check, this portable unit returns to its previous settings, which alleviates time from the technician in reentering settings on their own. To ensure that calibration is not affected by field or sample conditions, a patented measurement technique automatically compensates for errors. This allows the Aquamax titrator unit to precisely measure samples between 1ug and 200mg of water at all times.

The Aquamax KF Titrator also comes equipped with a built-in carry handle and protective cage around the titration vessel and electrodes. As the original, all GR Scientific titrators include the Low Drift Cell glassware pack, comprising of the generator electrode, detector electrode, desiccant tube and all necessary leads, septa, caps and fittings. All KF titrators also provide the choice of generator electrodes, with or without frit, and/or the option of an electrode locking system. This locking system allows joints to seal completely without the use of grease or PTFE sleeves, making the instrument flexible while providing an improved baseline stability. The carrying case included with this unit allows it to be transported with the glassware fully assembled and ready for immediate use. The lid of the protective case comes equipped with a compartment to carry accessories such as power cords and syringes, making it perfect for field engineers. Truly Portable!

Our proprietary Results Manager software, which is included with both Aquamax KF Coulometer Titrator instruments, allows you to view your results on a PC spreadsheet or print them for easy reporting. The device also features a removable flash drive that can be connected to a PC. Results manager comes equipped with all necessary cables and connections, as well as an installation CD and user manual.

In addition to the above features, the Aquamax KF Titrator Plus also comes equipped with a gas tight 1.0 mL syringe, a 19 gauge Luer Needle, polypropylene funnel and titration vessel to make sample administration easy. A stirrer bar compatible with the microprocessor controlled stirrer makes sample preparation a breeze.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Cou-Lo Formula Reagents
Desiccant Tube LDC + cap
Paper Rolls (Thermal)
2nd Year:
Electrode Lead
Gas Tight Syringe
Generator Electrode
Remaining Parts:
Dust Cover
Carry Case
Mains Power PackComplete Twin Port LDC glassware set
Titration Vessel LDC
Detector Electrode LDC
Generator Electrode + frit LDC
Generator Electrode – frit LDC
Electrode Lead
Desiccant Tube LDC + cap
Pack Injection Septa (Pack of 10)
Gas Tight Syringe 0.25ml
Gas Tight Syringe 1.0ml
Gas Tight Syringe 5.0ml
Luer Needle Pair (17 & 19 gauge, one each)
Powder Sampler
Molecular Sieve
Stirrer Bar
Paper Rolls (thermal) single
Multi pack 20 paper rolls
Gas Analysis Kit
Glassware Box (Plastic)
18mm Cap with aperture
18mm Silicon rubber “O” ring
29/32 Generator cap
29/32 Silcon rubber “O” ring
29/32 Loosening ring
14/23 Detector cap
14/23 Silicon rubber “O” ring
14/23 Loosening ring
Titration Method   Coulometric Karl Fischer titration
Electrolysis Control   Patented ACE” control system GB2370641
End Point Detection   AC polarisation
End point indication   Visual display/print out/acoustic beep
Titration vessel   Low Drift Cell design, no grease or PTFE sleeves required
Measuring range   Possible 1μg – 200mg water
Typical 1μg – 10mg water
Moisture range   1ppm – 100% water
Max. sensitivity   0.1μg
Max. titration speed   2.24 mg per minute
Max. current   400 ma
Drift compensation   Automatically controlled
Precision   10-100μg ± 3μg, 100μg-1mg ±3μg,
above 1mg ±0.3%
Start delay time   0-30 minutes, user selectable
End delay time   0-30 minutes, user selectable
Calculation modes   Weight/weight, (W/w) (user programmable)
Weight/dilution ratio, (W/K)
Volume/density, (V/SG)
Volume/volume, (V/v)
Display format   μg, mg/kg, ppm, %
Print format   μg, mg/kg, ppm, %
Statistics   max, mean, min values up to 99 runs
Method storage   10 user programmable methods
Sample ID number   User programmable
Stirrer speed   Microprocessor controlled
Languages   Multi languages – user selectable
Calendar/clock   Analysis time & date print out
Battery low indicator   Display & print out indication
Data outputs   USB and RS232 ports
Removable Data storage   Flash drive (memory stick)
Data Entry   15 key touchpad
Display   40 character alphanumeric backlit LCD
Printer   42 character high speed thermal printer
Portable   Stainless steel protection cage carrying handle
Power supply   90-264V AC, 47-63 Hz.
12V DC car adapter/internal battery
Dimensions   250x245x120 mm
Weight   3.5 kg


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