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ERAVAP ONLINE   Process Vapor pressure tester, Crating Fee $650. zoom

ERAVAP ONLINE   Process Vapor pressure tester, Crating Fee $650.
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ERAVAP ONLINE Process Vapor pressure tester, Crating Fee $650.




ERAVAP ONLINE Process Vapor pressure tester
-) DVPE of gasoline according to ASTM D6378 (correlation to ASTM D323, D5191, EN13016-1, EN13016-2; IP394, IP409; JIS K2258-2; SHT 0769; GOST 52340)
-) TVP
-) T (V/L=20) of gasoline (correlation to ASTM D5188; variable V/L ratio 0.02/1 to 100/1)
-) VPCRx of crude oil according to ASTM D6377
-) VP of LPG according to ASTM D6897 (correlation to ASTM D1267)

The ERAVAP ONLINE is the ultimate solution for the fully automated vapor pressure measurement of automotive and aviation gasoline, hydrocarbon solvents, crude oil, jet fuel and LPG as well as for the vapor/liquid ratio measurement of gasoline. The analyzer is mounted inside a stainless steel cabinet and is pre-configured for the connection of an external ex-proof purge system from Pepperl&Fuchs and up to 3 sample conditioning systems.

Minimum Maintenance & Long-term Reliability
The measuring cell (EP01-M) can easily be taken out of the analyzer housing by opening only two quick connectors. It contains all necessary electronics for maintenance and calibration. All you need for direct on site calibration is eralytics free of charge ERASOFT RCS – Windows software and a laptop. Temperature and pressure sensors are easily calibrated without any disassembling of the measurement cell.
The cutting-edge piston-based design used in the ERAVAP ONLINE is hassle-free, self-lubricating and guarantees fast and reliable long-term operation.
The rugged solenoid valves were chosen for their known durability and their small dead volume that avoids cross-contamination.
We recommend our special offer for a second measuring cell (EP01-M2) to ensure zero downtime during maintenance and calibration.

Technical Features:
• Temperature range: 0 to 120°C (32 to 248°F) with high speed Peltier technology
• Pressure range: 0 – 1000 kPa (0 – 145 psi, 0 – 10 bar)
• Highest precision: Repeatability: r = 0.3 kPa, Reproducibility: R = 0.7 kPa
• Vapor Liquid Ratio: Variable from 0.02/1 to 100/1, V/L Curve measurements
• Up to 3 Gasoline/LPG and up to 2 crude oil sample streams
• 7 Minutes Cycle Time
• Automatic Quality Control measurements
• A statistical quality assurance program complying with ASTM D6299 is directly integrated in the instrument software
• Large full color ex-proof touch screen for fast and easy operation in all common languages
• Built-in industry proven PC with Ethernet, RS422 and RS232 interfaces (field bus/modbus)
• I/O system with 4 analog outputs (4-20 mA), 4 digital outputs and 4 digital inputs. These inputs and outputs are fully configurable with the control software of the analyzer.
• Large result database of several 100,000 detailed test reports stored in internal memory
• Optional enclosure protection purging systems (EP01-ExUS or EP01-ExEU) and sample conditioning units (EP01-SCG or EP01-SCC)

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