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FIA Hydrocarbon Types

Superior separation of your petroleum fractions
ASTM D1319, IP 156, IP 3837,

								ASTM D1319, 
								IP 156, IP 3837, 

Designed for precision, adjustable to perfection

Ensuring full compliance with ASTM D1319, IP 156, and IP 3837, Ayalytical Instruments’ FIA (fluorescence indicator adsorption) apparatus is ideal for the determination of hydrocarbon types over the concentration ranges of 5-99 volume percent aromatics, 0.3-55 volume percent ole fins, and 1-99 volume percent saturates, in petroleum fractions that distill below 315ºC (599ºF). The FIA extraction procedure is performed by placing a 0.75 mL sample of liquid petroleum into a glass column packed with activated silica gel and a thin layer of fluorescent dyed gel. After the petroleum sample has been adsorbed onto the surface of the gel, alcohol is added to adsorb the sample to separate the hydrocarbons. The fluorescent dyes are then selectively separated into aromatic, ole fin, and saturate zones, which are visible under ultraviolet light. Finally, each separated zone is calculated by volume percentage.

The FIA apparatus is available in three models, and is comprised primarily of a wall mounting panel with universal brackets and mounting fixtures for the secure retention of 2, 4, or 6 glass testing columns. For each position, the instrument is equipped with one easy-to- read pressure gauge, one pressure manifold with precision needle valve, one spherical joint/hose connector, and one complete standard adsorption column. Additional implements included with this apparatus include a zone measuring device for accurate volume percent determination and portable UV lamp for optimal zone visibility.

Note: Ayalytical Instruments’ FIA extraction apparatus does not include a fixed mounted vibrator. Rather, we recommend a handheld vibration unit (sold separately), which allows for increased operator control in concentrating vibration when packing silica gel into the test columns.

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Models    Positions

The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Standard Silica gel, 50 x 10 gm. packets
Standard Silica gel, 100 gm. bottle
Standard Silica gel, 1 lb. bottle
Heat Shrink Tubing 1/8 in. dia, 12 pcsx4 ft
2nd Year:
Replacement bulb,(short and long wave)
Replacement needles for FIA-24, box of 6
Remaining Parts:
2 Precision bore columns test kit (includes 2 ea precision column, tip, upper and lower clamps, and spherical joint/hose connector)
Cleaning capillary (for precision bore column only)
Replacement spherical joint/hose connector (upper)
Replacement standard column charger/separator section with socket joint
Replacement analyzer sections for standard columns, 48 pieces
Replacement precision bore column
Replacement precision bore tip
Replacement clamp for upper spherical joint
Replacement clamp for lower spherical joint (for precision bore column only)
Vibrator (115 VAC). Portable for easier packing of silica gel
Vibrator (230 VAC). Portable for easier packing of silica gel.
Hand held UV lamp (115 VAC)
Hand held UV lamp (230 VAC)
Hypodermic syringe (1 ml) with 102mm needle
Replacement Air Regulator
Replacement 4″ Dial Gauge
Optional Certification of Pressure Gauge, ea
Test Method Compliance   ASTM D1319 IP 156 ISO 3837
Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption   315°C (600°F)
Wall Mounting Panel   With universal brackets and mounting fixtures for 2-6 FIA columns
Test Positions   Available in two, four or six
Pressure Indication   Metering valves for air or nitrogen and gauges
Weight    37 kg
Dimensions   70x15x195 cm (28x6x78 inches)
Shipping weight    
Dimensions with crate    


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