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Automated NACE Apparatus (ANA)

Save your Time by Using the Fully Automated Rust apparatus to Determine Corrosive Properties

ASTM D665, ASTM D7548, NACE TM-01-72,

								ASTM D665, ASTM D7548, 
								NACE TM-01-72, 

Automate your sequencing process for your liquid hydrocarbon products!

The ANA (Automated NACE Apparatus) is a fully automated single position test apparatus to determine the corrosive properties of petroleum products and other liquid hydrocarbon products that are not water soluble for transport through a steel pipeline.

The ANA saves you time by automating the sequencing process. This instrument features an embedded industrial grade programmable logic controller (PLC) with easy-to-use software, LCD display, and simple single button control for all functions.

Sensors in modern automotive fuel systems often use iron or ferrous alloys, which are susceptible to corrosion from sulfur and other hetero compounds present in gasoline. In the past decade, refiners have shifted to producing lower-sulfur gasoline, but the process requires more severe hydro-treating that destroys naturally occurring compounds that give some protection against sulfur-based corrosion. Ensuring that fuel stays within acceptable corrosion limits requires constant and accurate testing.

Multiple ANAs can be used to increase sample throughput as well. A Better Rating, A Better Method, A Better Sample handling. 

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