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Service Portal is now Available

Get alerts on when your instrument needs service & our certificates are all uploaded to your account. Learn how to use our online service portal below.

Visit Service Portal >

Customer Portal Quickstart

Learn how to get started with managing your units and instruments on the Customer Portal.


Adding Unit Locations

After signing in you will be directed to add all the locations you would like to populate your units.


Adding Instruments to Each Location

After adding in location make sure to add in your instruments for each location that will be populated already for you.


Verifying Serial Numbers of Total Instruments

Click on total Instruments and double check all serial numbers look right.


Checking Calibration Certificates

Check to see your calibration certificates.


Reviewing Upcoming Calibration Due Dates

Check the Instruments box and see what is due in 30 days.


Requesting Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Send in your unit by clicking on request RMA.