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FeDDI – Iron/Rust Digital Detection Imaging

Results you can trust when testing for rust. Introducing the new standard in quantifiable iron corrosion detection.
JIS K2510, ASTM D665, ASTM D7548, IP 135, ISO 7120, NACE TM-01-72,

								JIS K2510, 
								ASTM D665, ASTM D7548, 
								IP 135, 
								ISO 7120, 
								NACE TM-01-72, 

A complete Automated Method to replace your difficult visual quantification.

Corrosion on steel pipelines and tanks can lead to destructive leaks that can cost millions to fix and cause irreversible environmental damage. As a result, industries spend billions each year on corrosion detection and to slow down the natural process of corrosion. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) indicates that small amounts of water, air, and polar compounds are some of the biggest threats to petroleum pipeline corrosion. As such, NACE carefully monitors levels of corrosion by testing the interior of pipes for these substances. The NACE system of corrosion detection is dependent upon a manual rating process in which the operator must quantify small percentages of corrosion by visually inspecting a test specimen that has been bathed in a mixture of test fuel and distilled water. This method is highly susceptible to operator error. In addition, due to differences in visual acuity, results are not repeatable.

FeDDI, from Ayalytical (USA), was designed to solve the difficulty rating of NACE TM0172 and D665 specimens accurately. It uses uses a four-step automated vision algorithm and classification process to eliminate user bias and provide repeatable results. After scanning a specimen’s entire surface area, corrosion coverage is quantified. FeDDI provides an complete automated method, which replaces the inherently difficult visual quantification referenced in NACE TM0172 and ASTM D665.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Polishing device with chuck (specify voltage)
Steel test specimen for D665, NACE, each
400 mL beaker for D665, D3603, D5534, each (no baffle)
400 mL beaker for NACE test, each (with baffle)
2 Part PTFE holder for use with NFX Handle.
150 grit silicon carbide paper, 50 sheets
240 grit silicon carbide paper, 50 sheets
FeDDI calibration standard. Made out of SS and two zones for high and low
level corrosion verification. Can be used as a daily QC/Validation or for
calibration of camera, size detection and motor position. Supplied in storage
case with certificate valid for one year.
2nd Year:
Beaker cover (PMMA) for D665, NACE, each
Replacement NFX Handle (Integrated Motor)
Replacement Glass Overlay – VISAYA
Replacement Power Board – Universal Input
Replacement Z-Drive – Supplied with Camera Mount
Remaining Parts:
Applicable Test Methods   ASTM D665, ASTM D7548, IP 135, ISO 7120, JIS K2510, NACE TM-01-72,
Corrosion Detection Range   Corrosion Coverage 0.01mm to 100%
Display Units   Corrosion %, Specimen Size & Rating
Detection Method   Patent Pending CMOS Digital Detection
Precision   +/- 0.01% of Raw Reading
Dimension   +/- 0.085mm of Height & Width
Pixel Size   0.035mm per Pixel
Optical Design    Patent Pending Optical Arrangement
Light Source   LED, 7,000K
Measuring Time   2.5 minutes
Calibration   Vision Calibration with Standard
Display   10.1” Projective Capacitance Touch (Multi Touch)
Interface   Ethernet x2, USB 3.0 x1, USB 2.0 x4, HDMI, VGA, USB Printer, USB Mouse and Keyboard
Memory / Storage   64 GB SSD Storage
Temperature Range   10° to 35° C
Humidity   Up to 85% Non Condensing
Power   Auto-switching 90 ~ 264VAC, 47 ~ 63Hz, 280 Watt Power Supply
Space Requirements   80 mm (3”) on Sides and Back
Dimension   350x300x270mm (14x12x11”)
Gross Dimensions & Weight   Weight 10 Kg. (22 lbs.)
400x350x530mm, 15 Kg. (15x14x21” 33lbs.)

VISAYA FeDDI – English Brochure


AYA-10-88615 Polishing device with chuck
AYA-52-50427 Steel test specimen for D665, NACE
AYA-10-88611 ANA – Automated Single Position D665/NACE Bath with Top Mount Mixer
AYA-13-88910 Beaker Cover / Puck for 665 Test, Black
AYA-13-88613 Top Mout Mixer Stirrer / Material SS 304
AYA-51-50423 400 mL beaker for D665, D3603, D5534, each
400 mL beaker for NACE test
AYA-52-50428 Teflon holder (PTFE) for D665/NACE specimen
AYA-52-05798 Silicon Carbide Sheets, 150-Grit
AYA-52-05797 Silicon Carbide Sheets, 240-Grit
AYA-15-00025 FeDDI calibration standard
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