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AgDDI – Silver Digital Detection Imaging

Eliminating BIAS results in Silver Corrosion Ratings from Sulfur in Gasoline.
ASTM D4814, ASTM D7671, IP 611,

								ASTM D4814, ASTM D7671, 
								IP 611, 

From qualified practitioner to quintessential professional, designed with the end user in mind.

Sulfur-based corrosion is on the rise in the refining industry and the AgDDI is here to help. The Silver Digital Detection Imaging device (AgDDI) from VISAYA  uses a four-step automated VISION Algorithm and classification process to eliminate user bias. Ensuring fuel stays within acceptable limits requires constant and accurate corrosion testing equipment. The AgDDI takes the user bias out of the equation. No more having to evaluate corrosivity by interpreting the color and tarnish level of a silver strip soaked in a fuel sample by hand. First, AgDDI identifies the silver strip’s length and width(mm). Next, the algorithm assigns the sample an integer between 0 and 4 representing corrosivity (0 = no corrosion at all & 4 = significant blackening).  . AgDDI provides standardization to the current visual silver strip corrosion test as referred in ASTM D7671 and gasoline fuel specification ASTM D4814.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Silver test coupon for D7671, IP227, ea.
Polishing VISE – Holds 6 Strips
D7671 Cradle, PTFE, Silver Strip Holder, Procedure A.
Test Tubes, 25-mm x 150-mm, Dozen
Viewing Test Tube, Each
Silicon Carbide Sheets, 240-Grit, 50 Pack
Silicon Carbide Grains/Powder, 150 mesh, 450 grams
CuDDI/AgDDI calibration standard. Used as daily QC/Validation and calibration
of camera & motor position. Supplied in storage case with certificate valid for
one year.
2nd Year:
Test Pressure Vessels
Replacement NFX Handle (Integrated Motor)
Replacement Glass Overlay – VISAYA
Replacement Power Board – Universal Input
Replacement Z-Drive – Supplied with Camera Mount
Remaining Parts:
Applicable Test Methods ASTM D4814, ASTM D7671, IP 611,
Corrosion Detection Range 0, to 4 & Levels
Display Units Color, ASTM Rating and Strip Size
Detection Method Patent Pending CMOS Digital Detection
Precision +/- 0.25% of Raw Reading
Optical Design  Patent Pending Optical Arrangement
Light Source LED, 7,000K
Measuring Time 2.5 minutes
Calibration Vision Calibration with Standard
Display 10.1” Projective Capacitance Touch (Multi Touch)
Interface Ethernet x2, USB 3.0 x1, USB 2.0 x4, HDMI, VGA, USB Printer, USB Mouse and Keyboard
Memory / Storage 64 GB SSD Storage
Temperature Range 10° to 35° C
Humidity Up to 85% Non Condensing
Power Auto-switching 90 ~ 264VAC, 47 ~ 63Hz, 280 Watt Power Supply
Space Requirements 80 mm (3”) on Sides and Back
Dimension 350x300x270mm (14x12x11”)
Gross Dimensions & Weight Weight 10 Kg. (22 lbs.)
400x350x530mm, 15 Kg. (15x14x21” 33lbs.)

VISAYA AgDDI – English Brochure

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