CuBA- D130 Solid Block Bath for Heating Samples

ASTM, D130

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VISAYA’s CuDDI Bath puts you in control. When heating samples for ASTM and silver strip corrosion testing, CuDDI Bath eliminates the need for an external thermometer. It automatically controls the temp, saving you time and energy. The CuDDI Bath is touch-safe and uses a passive cooling design with an insulated cover for protection. With the option of a 4-position vessel block or 8-position glass test tube block, you can effortlessly heat multiple samples. The CuDDI Bath’s revolutionary heat block does not use the liquid. No liquid means no potential contamination, bringing you better results. Simplify your sampling.

ASTM D130, D1838
? Efficient heating; reduction of heat loss using the dry block calibrator
? Adjustable temperature with LCD display RTD feedback
? Versatility for multiple applications;
? Dry Block Bath Liquid Free
? Less corrosive operation
? Heat transferred directly to tubes


Applicable Test Methods ASTM D130, D4048
Voltage/Current 120 VAC 3.8Amps
Max Temperature 165°C
Alarms / Fail Safes Thermal Fuse & Software Watchdog / Timeout
Safety +Passive cooling design maintains touch safe enclosure, Heat resistant (insulated) cover
Temperature Control PID Temperature Control, On/Off Power Switch, Run Switch, Power On Indicator, Heating Indicator
Heating rate (Pre-Heat Block) 20°C to 50°C in 10 Minutes, 20°C to 150°C in 75 Minutes
Heating rate (Sample) 24°C to 100°C in 30 Minutes
Display Temperature Stability +/- 0.2°C @ 100°C
Gross Dimensions 300mm x 370 mm x 260 mm
Size (Shipping) 21”L x 21”W x 20”H
Weight 38 Lbs

ISO OEM 17025 Certified

ISO 17025

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