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ASTM D6728, ASTM D6595,

								ASTM D6728, ASTM D6595, 


ERAOIL is the first and most advanced stand-alone rotating disc electrode spectrometer analyzing wear metals, additives, and contaminants in all kinds of operating liquids, like lubricating oils, fuels, coolants, process water, etc. Up to 32 elements are measured fully automatically within 30 seconds. ERAOIL’s high-end CMOS detector in combination with the automatic background correction allow for a sub-ppm detection limit (LOD) for most elements.

ERAOIL’s unique stand-alone design offers a rugged all-in-one package for operation even in the smallest on-site testing labs. It comes with a built-in 10” color touchscreen and a PC. Even an electrode sharpener and an automatic ventilation system are integrated into the ERAOIL. Still, it is the RDE-OES analyzer with the smallest footprint on the market. ERAOIL is very easy to use even for untrained operators. The automated measuring procedure follows simple steps and is therefore perfect for on-site inspection: Just fill the sample cup, close the door, and push the start button. The elemental concentration is available immediately.

This small spectrometer is fully compliant with ASTM D6595 (oil) and ASTM D6728 (fuel). ASTM D6595 is the standard for identifying wear metals and contaminants in used lubricating oils and used hydraulic fluids by rotating disc electrode atomic emission spectrometry. For determining contaminants in gas turbine and diesel engine fuel, ASTM D6728 is the standard of choice. To protect finished fuels against trace contamination ERAOIL is available with the special Low Detection Fuel Module to detect e.g. Potassium, Lithium, Sodium and Vanadium at LOD levels of as low as 0.1 ppm.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No spare parts are required
2nd Year:
Sampling tube with Luer connector
Disposable sampling tube with Luer connector (100 pcs)
Disposable sampling tube with Luer connector (25 pcs)
Mesh inlet filter 80µ (5 pcs)
Teflon o-ring for EV01-A002a Mesh inlet filter 80µ
Protective film for touch display (5 pcs)
Stylus for data entry via touch display
Remaining Parts:
Available test methods   ASTM D6595, ASTM D6728
Correlation to   ASTM D5185 (ICP-AES)
Spectrometer type   Rotating Disc Electrode Spectrometer (190 – 810nm)
Thermally stabilized Paschen-Runge mounting with CMOS detectors/td>
Applications   Determination of additives, wear metals, and contaminants in lubricating oils,
hydraulic fluids, gas turbine & diesel engine fuel, heavy fuel oil (HFO), crude oil,
glycol coolants, process water, mineral water, and grease
Analytical Range   Simultaneous measurement of up to 32 elements in 30 seconds with a sub-ppm detection limit (LOD) for most elements incl. automatic background correction
Calibration   Factory calibrated for 26 elements
Optional calibration for up to 32 elements
Sample Volume   2 mL; no solvents, reagents or gases are needed, no cleaning of cell window
Operating Conditions   0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Up to 90% humidity, non-condensing
Fully Integrated Stand-Alone Design   >Built-in electrode sharpener and ventilation system
Industry-proven multilingual 10” color touchscreen
Built-in PC with Ethernet, USB, and RS232 interfaces
Optional connection of a monitor and data input by external keyboard, mouse, or barcode reader
Software   Windows® software for convenient data transfer, viewing spectra, and result analysis
Result Database   Over 100,000 detailed test reports and spectra storable in internal memory
Dimensions   W x D x H = 36 x 66 x 69 cm (14.2 x 25 x 27 in)
Weight   85 kg (187 lb)
Power Requirements   90 – 270 V, AC 50/60 Hz, 500 W
Recommended Consumables for 1000 Tests   EOL01 – A001 graphite discs (1000 pcs)
EOL01 – A002 graphite electrodes (100 pcs)
EOL01 – A003 2 ml sample cups (1000 pcs)


Brochure: ERAOIL by Eralytics

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