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The latest technological advancement in oil condition monitoring.
ASTM D2668, ASTM D445, ASTM D664, ASTM D2896, ASTM D4739, ASTM D7412, ASTM D7414, ASTM D7415, ASTM D7418, ASTM D7624, ASTM E2412,

								ASTM D2668, ASTM D445, ASTM D664, ASTM D2896, ASTM D4739, ASTM D7412, ASTM D7414, ASTM D7415, ASTM D7418, ASTM D7624, ASTM E2412, 

Portable FTIR oil analysis in seconds

The ERASPEC OIL is a portable, stand-alone infrared analyzer for high-speed lubricant oil analysis and condition monitoring. This instrument’s patented interferometer design delivers laboratory-grade results directly on site and is in full compliance with ASTM, DIN and JOAP methods. ERASPEC OIL fuel analyzer measures contaminants, degradation products, additive depletion as well as calculated properties like TAN, TBN, and viscosity within seconds.

Lubricant oils exhibit various chemical changes during their lifetime. This starts with simple changes such a fuel dilution of the fuel used or the uptake of soot (ASTM E2412) from the combustion. Numerous chemical reactions with combustion products lead to oxidation (ASTM D7414), nitration (ASTM D7624), or sulfation (ASTM D7415) of the lubricant and can be summarized as degradation products. All of them can be readily monitored by IR spectroscopy with the ERASPEC portable oil analyzer.

Eralytics’ patented rugged and light-weight FTIR spectrometer design allows measurements giving results as previously known from laboratory systems only. With its weight of only 8 kg and the ability to be powered by a vehicle battery, ERASPEC OIL can easily be brought on-site or even remote locations. There is no need to send in samples for analysis anymore.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No spare parts are required
2nd Year:
Sampling tube with Luer connector
Disposable sampling tube with Luer connector (100 pcs)
Disposable sampling tube with Luer connector (25 pcs)
Mesh inlet filter 80µ (5 pcs)
Teflon o-ring for EV01-A002a Mesh inlet filter 80µ
Protective film for touch display (5 pcs)
Stylus for data entry via touch display
Remaining Parts:
Available test methods   ASTM E2412, ASTM D7412, ASTM D7414, ASTM D7415, ASTM D7418, ASTM D7624, ASTM D2668, JOAP, DIN 51452, DIN 51453
Correlation to   ASTM D445, ASTM D664, ASTM D2270, ASTM D2896, and ASTM D4739
Spectrometer type   Patented mid-FTIR spectrometer
Laser and temperature controlled design
Measurement Cell   100 µm path length
Optimized dual position cell design for automated reference measurement without solvent
Calibration   Factory calibrated with a matrix of international lubricants
eralytics´calibrations for soot, water, glycol
Spectral Libraries   Easy expandable libraries to adjust measurements to target applications and user-defined parameters
Measurement Principles   Direct trending: calculation of results without the need to record a fresh opil spectrum
Spectral subtraction: fresh oil used as reference for highest performance and lowest LODs
Measuring Time   60 – 120 seconds depending on the viscosity of the sample;
Warm-up time: 30 seconds after booting the instrument
Sample Introduction   Directly from the sample container by an integrated pump
Sample Viscosity   0 – 2 000 cSt at 20 °C
Sample Volume   10 mL
Cleaning   Automatic rinsing with next sample or solvent
Integrated filter to prevent blocking of measurement cell
Display   Industry proven 8″ color touchscreen
Languages   English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
Additional langages available upon request
Interfaces   Built-in PC with Ethernet, USB and RS232 interfaces
Direct LIMS connectivity via LAN, output to printer or PC and export as CSV or PDF 
Optional input by external keyboard, mouse, and barcode scanner
Remote Control   Remote service capability via Ethernet interface
PC Software   ERASOFT RCS – remote control Windows® software for multi-instrument remote control, convenient data transfer, viewing spectra and result analysis
Result Database   Approx. 3000 detailed test reports and spectra stored in the internal memory
Alarm Tracking   All alarm messages are stored in the database together with the results
Auto Sampler   Optional 10-position auto-sampler – directly attached
Operating Conditions   Temperature range 10°C to 40°C
Humidity up to 90% RH, non condensing
Power Requirements   Auto switching 85-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz, max. 150 W (multi-voltage power supply)
Field application: 12 V DC (vehicle battery) adapter available
Dimensions / Weight   29 x 35 x 34 cm (11.4 x 13.8 x 13.4 in) / 9.7 kg (21.4 lb)


Brochure: ERASPEC OIL by Eralytics

Spanish Brochure: ERASPEC OIL by Eralytics

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