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Automatic Carbon Residue Tester

Automated. Programmable. Primed for Accuracy.
ASTM D189, IP 13, ISO 6615:1993,

								ASTM D189, 
								IP 13, 
								ISO 6615:1993, 

Designed for novice to expert levels

Adhering to ASTM D189, ISO 6615 and IP 13, the ACR-6 conradson carbon residue Tester automates the evaporation and pyrolysis of the oil sample in preparation for determination of the Conradson value for percentage of carbon residue. The conradson carbon residue instrument additionally is intended to provide indication of relative coke-forming propensities. Optimum heater output for the prescribed burning process is programmed easily prior to the test, with no further adjustments needed for easy operation. The ignition and extinguish of the sample is determined by a sheathed thermocouple at the crucible, providing constant temperature monitoring. The tester’s clean, modular design provide both simple operation and effortless handling.
See e-Store tab for available standard and recommended accessories.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Porcelain crucible
Skidmore iron crucible
Skidmore iron crucible cover
Large iron crucible
Large iron crucible cover
Thermocouple for flame detection
2nd Year:
Heater assembly side 120 volt AC
Heater assembly bottom 120 volt AC
Remaining Parts:
PROCESS CONTROL   By built-in micro processor
HEATING DEVICE:   Nichrome coil heater, side and bottom,
1.3kW@100V or 1.3kW@220V
IGNITING DEVICE:   Pilot burner system. LP gas or city gas,
Pilot burner is ignited manually before each test
FLAME DETECTOR:   Sample vapor is ignited and extinguished by
detecting temperature by means of sheath type
COOLING DEVICE   Forced air cooling by sirocco fan
TIME MONITOR   Indicated by digital display:
*Ignition time (from start to ignition)
*Burning time (from ignition to heating start)
GAS SUPPLY   LP gas or Natural gas (Max. pressure<9.8kPa)
POWER SUPPLY   AC100/120V or 220/240V 50/60Hz 2.2kW(max.)
WEIGHT   Control unit 7.5kg (16 lbs)
Oven unit 5.5kg (12 lbs)
DIMENSIONS   Control unit 25×36×19 cm (9x14x7 inches)
Oven unit 19×26×44 cm (7x10x17 inches)

Brochure: acr-6

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