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Automation Apparatus for Waukesha CFR Octane Test Engines zoom

Automation Apparatus for Waukesha CFR Octane Test Engines
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Automation Apparatus for Waukesha CFR Octane Test Engines

Seamless automation, pristine configuration
ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, FTM 791-6002, FTM 791-6005, IP 236, IP 5164, IP 237, ISO 5164,

								ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, 
								FTM 791-6002, FTM 791-6005, 
								IP 236, IP 5164, IP 237, 
								ISO 5164, 

From qualified practitioner to quintessential professional, designed with the end user in mind

This fully automated instrument offers complete, simplified ISO traceability with robust documentation for Waukesha CFR Octane Test Engines, providing significant time operational savings and enhanced productivity. Conformed to ASTM methods D2699 and D2700, this cable-free device comes equipped with a PC, radio-controlled mouse, keyboard and proprietary Windows-based software for full data capture, data management and data storage.

 Once the degree of automation is selected, data is trapped from the knock meter, cylinder height position, and detonation meter, allowing for repeatability and precision of maximum fuel level determination. Detailed reports can be printed following each test, and historic data is easily retrievable as well as transferrable to a LIMMS for storage or to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

The software also facilitates PRF and TSF blending by performing all necessary calculations. An integral database is available for detonation meter calibration for all TSF temperatures. and the octane number is estimated quickly for bracketing. Maximum fuel level is automatically determined using strict ASTM procedures. Additionally, ASTM method tables are automatically corrected for barometric pressure with an internal certified sensor.

Installation is simple, and minimum maintenance is required. A step-by-step checklist and instructions are provided to assist operators at all skill levels to follow correct procedures, thereby mitigating errors and ensuring data precision.

KEY NOTE:  Waukesha Octane Engine is not included.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No accessories are required
2nd Year:
No accessories are required
All Optional Accessories / Remaining Parts:
Complete mobile bowl assembly
Set of 1/2 and 1/4 joints plus fittings (20 pieces)
Set of O-rings
Set of 5 pieces of each screw size used in Octatest
Carburettor micro Viton valve (5 piece set)
Floating teflon parts
Modified carburettor assembly
Level glass tube
Complete solenoid valve
Cylinder height sensor position
Mobile constant level bowl motor electronic control board
24 VDC relays
Timer relay for compression ratio brake
Power supply 24VDC 5A
Barometric sensor
PLC without module
Analog input module
Analog output module
Digital output module
Limit switches (set of 2 connectors)
Set of Allen keys in Metric sizes
Complete bowl with cooling
Black bowl cover with top bottom
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