ISO, 4406, GOST, 17216, SAE, AS 4059, NAS, 1638, GJB, 420A

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PAMAS S40 portable oil particle counter is fully compliant with ISO 4406 including ISO 11171 providing both standard method and refined methodology.

The PAMAS S40 is a portable particle counter system that was designed to count and size particles in oil and hydraulic fluids. This system contains a back lit touch screen for an easy access to the guided menu. It also contains an additional membrane keypad for easy operation for the oil particle counter. This integrated printer provides instant hard copies of measurement results.

The PAMAS S40 is highly adaptable due to its powerful 32-bit microprocessor, which allows multiple automated sampling and data storage. It contains a downloadable user-friendly software for easy transfer of its stored measurement data to any PC. The data files are compatible with most spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office Excel. This system has multiple standard languages such as English, German, Finnish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. In which the system can also be programmed to any other language, optional for its user.

See the full specs and downloadable brochure for more details about this portable oil particle counter.



The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year: No spare parts are required
2nd Year: No spare parts are required
Remaining Parts: Rugged Case PAMAS GO for harsh environments


Applicable Test Methods   ISO 4406, SAE AS 4059 E, NAS 1638, GJB 420A, GOST 17216
Technical data Sampling system   • Wear resistant ceramic piston pump with controlled constant flow 
• Viscosity range up to 200 cSt (pressurised sampling up to 350 cSt; lube oil system up to 1,000 cSt)
Pressure range   • Low pressure: from pressureless up to 6 bar (85 psi) 
• High pressure: 3-420 bar (6000 psi)
PAMAS Volumetric Sensor: HCB-LD-50/50   Calibration ranges: 
• 4-70 µm(c) according to ISO 11171 (standard calibration) 
• 2-100 µm according to ISO 4402 (optional calibration) 
Max. particle concentration: 
• 24.000 P/ml at a fl ow rate of 25 ml/min and a coincidence rate of 7.8%
Counter   • 32-bit high performance CPU with sophisticated programmable digital domain signal conditioning and 4096 internal channels 
• 8-channel particle counter 
• Data printout: 32 column thermo printer 
• Data transfer: 8 bit ASCII code through USB port 
• Power supply: 90-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz or 12-30 V DC or via intgrated battery for up to three hours operation 
• Weight and Size: Approx. 8 kg 310 mm x 145 mm x 360 mm



ISO OEM 17025 Certified

ISO 17025

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