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Water By Distillation For Crude Oils (Water and Crude Oil Distillation)

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ASTM D4006, IP 358, ISO 9029,

								ASTM D4006, 
								IP 358, 
								ISO 9029, 

Confident design, confident results

Ensuring compliance with ASTM D4006, IP 358, and ISO 9029, Ayalytical Instruments’ water in crude oil apparatus determines the water content in crude oil samples by distillation.

Unparalleled in performance, this durable crude oil distillation product contains an electric mantel heater with steel rod and clamp for increased stability during the quick and safe boiling of liquids, a 1000 ml graduated flask for accurate measurement, a 400mm Liebig condenser for the quick cooling and condensing of liquids, and a graduated 5 ml receiver with conical type E” round bottom tube (0-5.0:0.05) with standard 29/32 tapered joints and drying tube. Weighing in at only 4 kg, this fractional distillation of crude oil device is ideal for both laboratory and field testing, delivering safety, quality, and convenience all in one instrument.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No spare parts are required
2nd Year:
No spare parts are required
Remaining Parts:
FLASK, 1000 ml 29/32, pack of 3 pcs
DRYING TUBE, pack of 3 pcs
LIEBIG CONDENSER, 400 mm., 29/32,
RECEIVER TYPE “E”, 5 ml Joint 29/32, round bottom, graduated to 0-5.0:0.05
HEATING MANTLE For 1000 ml flask
Test Method Compliance   ASTM D4006 IP 358 ISO 9029
Power supply   230V ±10% 50Hz
Power   300W
Weight:   4 kg
Dimensions   Ø35×135 cm
Shipping weight    
Dimensions with crate    


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