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Mini-Melton Centrifuge

ASTM D96, ASTM D4007,

								ASTM D96, ASTM D4007, 

Practical design for the everyday user

Mini-Melton Centrifuge is a condensed, portable version of the long-standing, dependable Melton Oil Centrifuge and an upgrade of the unenclosed Hand-Crank Centrifuge. It is an unheated BS&W centrifuge designed to easily plug into a 12V connection (i.e. cigarette lighter). The portable mini centrifuge is ideal for chemical technicians, field operators, biodiesel techs or sales representatives using non-commercial and personal vehicles to test petroleum products. The enclosure increases operator safety. It is compact and light weight, which allows it to be stored in a tool box, trunk or office desktop. The portable mini centrifuge’s two-place trunnion arm is compatible with finger (A) style centrifuge tubes.

The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No spare parts are required
2nd Year:
No spare parts are required
Remaining Parts:
Test standards     ASTM D96, ASTM D4007
Constant speed motor   Less process variation
Enclosed case   Increased operator safety
Compact and light-weight   Easy storage in tool box, trunk or office desktop
Available Configurations    Finger (A) style tubes
Voltage   12VDC
Dimensions / Weight   18 lbs 16” x 16” x 16”
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