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Test Apparatus for Water in Oil Separability Demulsability zoom

Test Apparatus for Water in Oil Separability Demulsability
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Test Apparatus for Water in Oil Separability Demulsability

Consistent, robust, unrivaled. All the makings of a reliable test device. Consistent.
AFNOR NF T 60-125, ASTM D1401, ASTM D2711, DIN 51 599, FTM 791-3201, ISO 6614,

								AFNOR NF T 60-125, 
								ASTM D1401, ASTM D2711, 
								DIN 51 599, 
								FTM 791-3201, 
								ISO 6614, 

Durable. Dependable. Design you can trust.

This 7-position Model 305 apparatus meets all requirements of ASTM D1401 and related water separability (demulsability) methods, making this apparatus both a time saver and a reliable test device. Equipped with built-in timers and an audible alarm to indicate when agitation has stopped, a color touch panel controls the unit and displays temperature at a resolution of 0.1 C. Measured by a tachometer and also digitally displayed, the precision motor’s adjustable speed stirrer operates at 1500 rpm 1 rpm. The glass jar heating bath has a range of 40 to 95 C and a stability of 0.1 C.Additionally, fluctuations in AC line voltage have no effect on this stable device, in comparison with the AC motors of competitive units, which result in an undesirable change in speed.


Requiring no tedious belts or chains, this efficient unit’s stirrer motor is securely fixed with a vertical range of motion. An exclusive design allows lifting for paddle and sample removal, while proper testing alignment results in time efficiency. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel, the shaft and paddle reduce the possible micro crevices to avoid accumulation of contaminants  which are difficult to remove in conventional soldered shaft and paddle construction. Further, by keeping the motor fixed and through use of a sample turntable that locks in place at each position, future mechanical problems are avoided.


The enclosed cabinet design provides a footprint that boasts higher stability and safety in high temperature applications than accomplished with open jar designs. The bath jar is easily removable, and additional safeguards include low-level, over temperature, and circuit breaker protection. The bath cover reduces water loss and has the capacity for seven graduated test cylinders, while a backlit area allows for easier reading of the emulsion separation line.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Spare 100-mL graduated cylinder, each
Disposable 100-mL graduated cylinders, per dozen
Stainless steal paddle and shaft
Rubber stopper, each
2nd Year:
Same as 1st year
Remaining Parts:
Test Method Compliance    ASTM D1401 ISO 6614 DIN 51 599 FTM 791-3201
AFNOR NF T 60-125
Temperature range    Ambient to 95°C
Temperature stability    +0.2°C
Temperature control    Picture controlled with touch screen interface 
Bath medium    Water
Sample capacity    7 graduate test  tube sample changer with fixed motor position, to avoid alignment problems 
Stirring speed    1500 rpm +15 rpm up to 2500 rpm 
Timers   Configurable stirring shutdown time and 7 sample timers all up to 59.59 minutes 
Audible alarm    Audible alarm for stirring shut down 
Bath viewing    Highly visible bath from 3 sides with a back light 
Construction    Bath in enclosed cabinet for tighter temperature control and improve operate safety. Viewing sides made from scratch resistant plastic  
Safety    Unit comes with low level float switch and high limit temperature device 
Bench / Floor model    Bench model 
Voltage / Current    115 vac 12 amp / 220 vac 6 amp
Frequency    50 or 60 Hz
Weight    38 kg (83 lbs)
Dimension    38x46x76 cm (15x18x30 inches)
Shipping weight     
Dimension with crate     
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SKU: AYA-50-11195.