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Automated Pour/Cloud Point Tester

Mini Pour/Cloud Point Tester, Series
ASTM D97, ASTM D2500, ASTM D6749, ASTM D7683, ISO 3015, ISO 3016,

								ASTM D97, ASTM D2500, ASTM D6749, ASTM D7683, 
								ISO 3015, ISO 3016, 

Practical design for the everyday user

TANAKA’s MPC series cloud point analyzer has been designed for automatic determination of POUR POINT (PP) and CLOUD POINT (CP) with small specimen size and shorter test cycle time while securing better test precision than the conventional manual methods.

PP measurement on this cloud and pour point apparatus is by AIR PRESSURE METHOD” (ASTM D6749), and CP measurement is by SMALL TEST JAR METHOD” (ASTM D7683).

The epoch-making automatic PP test method yields 1°C test resolution, while the new CP method yields 0.1°C resolution.

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Models    Positions
MPC-102A   Air-Cooled
MPC-102L   Liquid-Cooled 

The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Specimen Cup with Reflex Seal 20 pcs
Reflex Seal 30 pcs
Pressure Conducting Tube 5 pcs
O-Ring set (G-35 and P-8) 2 sets
2nd Year:
Same as 1st year
Remaining Parts:
Water Regulator with Pressure Gauge (MPC-102L, for Connecting Tap Water)
Chillers for -60oC of Measurements (MPC-102L):
TANAKA TCU-40B or Julabo FP40-MA(*1) or Thermo AC150 A40(*2)
Printer, BS2-80TS (w/ AC Adapter and Connecting Cable)
Built-in Clock Board
TYPE   Mini Pour Point(PP) and Cloud Point(CP) tester with sequential CP and PP measuring capability. Sample cooling and pre-heating by TED. 
MEASURING RANGE   (typical*) 1. MPC-102L(Liquid cooled model): +51oC to -40oC with tap water of 20oC +51oC to -65oC with cooling liquid of -35oC 2.MPC-102A(Air cooled model): +51oC to -30oC (in 25oC ambient) *:Sample viscosity, etc. affects on lowest tempera- ture of the measuring range.  
MEASUREMENT MODES   Selectable from various modes. 
1.CP mode (0.1 or 1.0 oC, selectable) 
2.PP modes: Programmed by the user. Programmable parameters are: *Amount of applied air pressure for PP detection, to accommodate different sample types: L(low) for diesel fuels, H(high) for lube oils, VH(very high) and UH (ultra high) for residual fuels and similar samples. *Testing intervals: 1.0oC, 2.5oC, or 3.0oC (In total, 4×3=12 modes for PP.) 
3.CP/PP modes: CP is determined and then PP. PP detection is programmable by the user with the same parameters as PP modes’. (12 modes in total.) 
SAMPLE AUTOMATIC PRE-HEATING   Automatic preheating at either +45oC or EPP+10oC. (EPP=Expected Pour Point) 
DISPLAY   Test parameters, EPP, bath temperature, sample temperature, PP, and CP displayed on VFD. Temperatures displayed in 0.1oC increments. 
EPP SETTING   EPP(Expected Pour Point) needs to be set prior to test Starts. 
SPECIMEN CUP   Cylindrical glass test jar with 4.5ml sample volume.  
SENSORS   Compound type sensor assembly for PP and CP. PP detected by air pressure method(patented). CP detected photo-electrically. PT100 temp. sensors.
SAMPLE COOLING RATE   As standard, 4oC/min. till EPP+40oC, and 1oC/min. thereafter. Cooling profile is programmable
SAFETY SHUTDOWN   As hot side of TED reaches 60oC while preheating, warning buzzer beeps and heating stops.
DATA OUTPUT   RS-232C 1 channel (for PC or Optional Printer)
DATA STRAGE    Last 50 test data are stored in RAM 
POWER REQUIREMENTS   100, 120, 220, or 240VAC 0.5kW 
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT   230mmWx480mmDx385mmH

Brochure: mpc-102

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