Fame in Jet Fuel Testing: Fast, Precise, Portable

DIN, EN, 14039, ISO, 16703, 9377-2 (MOD) OSPAR, 9377-2, IP, 426, 585, 590, 583, 599, ASTM, D4052, D7797

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ERAJET FAME is a rugged and truly portable stand-alone NDIR spectrometer for the ultra-fast and easy determination of all types of FAME in jet fuel. The fully automated fuel analyzer easily determines FAME in jet fuel with lab-grade precision in excellent correlation to international IR (ASTM D7797, IP583) as well as GC (IP585, IP590) standards.

ERAJET FAME is a portable, stand-alone FAME in jet fuel tester, using the latest fully automated non-dispersive IR transmission technology in combination with two absorption cartridges.
First, the test specimen is passed through a cartridge which allows the introduction of only non-polar components into the fuel analyzer. The second cartridge selectively absorbs the more polar contaminants, such as oxidation products, and FAME or other esters are passed through without retention.

With an unrivalled measurement time of only 5 min ERAJET FAME is the fastest FAME in jet fuel analyzer on the market. With its easy to use interface and the fully automated measurement including the sample introduction, ERAJET FAME portable fuel analyzer is the perfect solution even for untrained operators. Cleaning and rinsing of the instrument are an easy task as no special solvent is required.

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features__astm compliantERACHECK ECO is fully compliant with ASTM D3921, ASTM D4281, ASTM D7066, ASTM D7678, providing both standard method and refined methodology.
Easy view of various info. Straightforward & user-friendly operation. Display colours can be changed
Convenient and easy-to-follow navigator for calibration.
Temperature Range 10-40°C, Humidity up to 90% RH, non condensing
Easy operation with sample stage at the front.
Carry Case for Asset Protection


The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year: No spare parts are required
2nd Year: No spare parts are required
Remaining Parts:


Available Test Method Rugged NDIR-Spectrometer – no moving parts
Correlation to Infrared spectroscopy: ASTM D7797, IP583
Gas chromatography: IP 585, IP590, IP599
FAME Interference Check FICTM FAME Interference Check (patent pending) to exclude false positive FAME results
Cartridge Set Distinction between FAME and other esters (plasticizers) even at very low concentrations
Sample Volume 35 mL
Measurement Time 5 min
Measurement Range 10 – 250 mg/kg for AVTUR
Method detection limit (MDL) 10 mg/kg
Precision Repeatability: r ≤ 4 mg/kg – no false positives
Reproducibility: R ≤ 6 mg/kg
Automatic sample introduction Sampling directly from sample bottle
Interfaces Built-in PC with Ethernet, front and rear USB and RS232 interfaces; Wifi via USB dongle
Direct LIMS connectivity via LAN, output to printer or PC and export as CSV or PDF
Optional input by keyboard, mouse and barcode reader
Remote Control Remote service capability via Ethernet interface
PC Software ERASOFT RCS – remote control Windows® software for multi-instrument remote control, convenient data transfer and result analysis
Result Database Over 100 000 detailed test reports stored in internal memory
Alarm Tracking All alarm messages are stored in the database together with the result
Power Requirements Auto-switching 85 – 264 V AC, 47 – 63 Hz, max. 150 W (multi-voltage power supply)
Field application: 12 V DC (vehicle battery) adapter available
Dimensions / Weight 29 x 35 x 34 cm (11.4 x 13.8 x 13.4 in) / 10 kg (22 lb)


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AYA-82-22517 Combined sampling tubes (Teflon) 0,55m with luer connectors for ERAJET FAME
AYA-83-22099 Mesh inlet filter 15µ
AYA-82-22084 Outlet tube
AYA-82-22085 Waste container
AYA-82-22086 Power cable
AYA-82-22521 Cartridge set for ERAJET FAME

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