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Automated CFPP Tester

JIS K2288, ASTM D6371, EN 116, IP 309,

								JIS K2288, 
								ASTM D6371, 
								EN 116, 
								IP 309, 

Designed for precision. Adjust to perfection.

The model AFP-102 CFPP analyzer automatically executes the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) test method. After developing its predecessor models, this third generation of CFFP analyzer has been developed by applying Tanaka’s latest technologies and the various know-hows. Ease of operation” has been further improved on this model.
Use of Peltier cells for sample cooling/heating made this tester methanol free. No big chiller is needed; a small chiller with antifreeze suffices the cooling requirements.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
Temperature Sensor 1 pc
Pipette 1 pc
Vacuum Adapter (with O-Ring P-6) 1 pc
Vacuum Tubing (with Connector) 1 pc
Filter Unit (without Holder and Filter) 1 pc
Filter Holder (with Filter) 1 pc
Filter 30 pcs
O-Ring P-5 (for Pipette) 10 pcs
O-Ring P-6 (for Adapter) 5 pcs
O-Ring S-14 (for Filter Holder) 5 pcs
Test Jar 3 pcs
Spacers 1 pc
2nd Year:
Same as 1st year
Remaining Parts:
Chiller for -51oC of Bath Control (ambient temp @20oC):
TANAKA TCU-40B (Made in Japan)
Chiller for -67oC of Bath Control (ambient temp @20oC):
Julabo FP50-MA (Made in Germany)
Built-in Clock Board
Printer: BS2-80TS (with AC Adapter and Connecting Cable)
CONFORMING STANDARDS    ASTM D6371, EN116, IP309, and JIS K2288 
TYPE   1 test head
MEASURING RANGE   (typical) RT to -60 oC (The lowest temperature varies with the chiller liquid temperature and ambient temperature.) 
DISPLAY   By a fluorescence display(VFD) Temperatures displayed with 0.1C increments 
CFPP DETECTION   MBy means of a photo-electric detector consisting of an LED, photo transistor, and light guide (fiber optics). Upper and lower light guides are mounted on sliding type holder.
VACUUM REGULATOR   Consists of a micro air pump, pressure switch, solenoid valve and a plastic bottle
COOLING AND HEATING (needs optional chiller)   By Peltier cells. The hot side of the Peltier cells needs to be cooled by external chiller. 
TEMPERATURE CONTROL   By step (-34 oC, -51 oC and -67 oC) or linear. The linear cooling rate can be programmed
SAFETY FEATURES   A. Over cut: as hot side of TED reaches 60 oC , warning buzzer beeps and stops. 
B. Self diagnostic: reported by an intermittent buzzer and a text message when any temperature sensor breaks down or the battery has drained out. 
C. System trouble: reported by a buzzer when the built-in microprocessor runs off.
DATA OUTPUT   RS-232C 1 channel (for PC or Optional Printer). 2 nd set channel is optional.
220 or 240VAC, 3A
Please specify AC voltage when ordering
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT   350mmWx550mmDx480mmH

Brochure: afp-102

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