Automatic Potentiometric Titrator AT-710 Series

ASTM, D664

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The Automatic Potentiometric Titrator AT-710 Series is fully compliant with ASTM D664. The AT-710M has a unique flexibility with up to 4 simultaneous titrations of any type.

The AT-710M as a flagship model comes with the largest titration user interface available in the market. The main control unit of this model, MCU-710M, provides a unique user experience with its 8.4 inch LCD touch panel and can be the common basis for up to four full-fledged titrators of any type, being the MKV-710B Volumetric or MKC-710B Coulometric Karl Fischer moisture titrators or additional AT-710B potentiometric titrators. This saves space and avoids tangled cables. The connections between the main control unit and the potentiometric titrators can be setup wireless, while the main control unit can be connected to a PC with a LAN cable.

The wireless bluetooth communication offers substantial benefits in terms of safety and space requirements. The operation is easier and safer when toxic samples have to be measured as the main control unit can be located outside of its hood.

TheAutomatic Potentiometric Titrator AT-710 is convenient and has a easy to follow navigator for its calibration.

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