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Automatic Potentiometric Titrator AT-710 Series

High-performance titrator
ASTM D664,

								ASTM D664, 

Designed for precision. Adjust to perfection.

The Automatic Potentiometric Titrator AT-710 Series is fully compliant with ASTM D664. The AT-710M has a unique flexibility with up to 4 simultaneous titrations of any type.

The AT-710M as a flagship model comes with the largest titration user interface available in the market. The main control unit of this model, MCU-710M, provides a unique user experience with its 8.4 inch LCD touch panel and can be the common basis for up to four full-fledged titrators of any type, being the MKV-710B Volumetric or MKC-710B Coulometric Karl Fischer moisture titrators or additional AT-710B potentiometric titrators. This saves space and avoids tangled cables. The connections between the main control unit and the titrators can be setup wireless, while the main control unit can be connected to a PC with a LAN cable.

The wireless bluetooth communication offers substantial benefits in terms of safety and space requirements. The operation is easier and safer when toxic samples have to be measured as the main control unit can be located outside of its hood.

The Automatic Potentiometric Titrator AT-710 is convenient and has a easy to follow navigator for its calibration.

See the full specs and downloadable brochure for more details

Models    Titration mode
Automatic Potentiometric Titrator [AT-710M]   Auto Titration, Auto Intermit, Intermit, Stat, Petroleum Titration, COD
Automatic Potentiometric Titrator [AT-710S]   Auto Titration, Auto Intermit, Intermit, Stat, Petroleum Titration, COD
Automatic Potentiometric Titrator [AT-710B]   Auto Titration, Auto Intermit, Intermit, Stat

The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No spare parts are required
2nd Year:
No spare parts are required
Remaining Parts:
Test standards     ASTM D664
Type   Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Product configuration   AT-710 + IDP-100 + Propeller stirrer
Detection range   1) Potentiometric : -2000mV to +2000mV
2) pH : -20.000 to 20.000pH
3) Temp. : 0 to 100°C
Titration mode     Auto Titration , Auto Intermit , Intermit , Stat
Method   20 (Max 2 methods can be linked)
Kinds of titration   Potentiometric (acid/base , redox , precipitation) , Photometric , Polarization , Conductivity
Titration form   Full titration (Auto EP detection) , EP Stop , Level Stop
Special application   Measurement of electrode potential (pH , potential) , Acid dissociation constant (pKa
Key operation   Sheet key
Displays   1) White LED-backlit LCD
2) English / Japanese / Mandarin Chinese / Korean / Russian / Spanish
3) 1-channel display
Calculation   Concentration of content , statistics data processing (mean , SD and RSD) and automatic averaging of blank and factor value
Data storage   50 samples
GLP conformance   Registration of operator / Record of check results / Record of electrode calibration / Verification of burette capacity / Management of conduction time
Burette size   20mL glass burette with brown cover (Standard)
Optional burette units : 10mL , 5mL , or 1mL
Burette accuracy   50mL burette(Auto dispenser) +/- 0.5mL
20mL burette +/- 0.02mL ; reproducibility +/- 0.01mL
10mL burette +/- 0.015mL ; reproducibility +/- 0.005mL
5mL burette +/- 0.01mL ; reproducibility +/- 0.003mL
1mL burette +/- 0.005mL ; reproducibility +/- 0.001mL
Preamplifier   1) STD : pH (mV) and mV, 2 inputs (Standard)
2) PTA : pH (mV) , mV and photometric, 3 inputs
3) POT : pH (mV) , mV and polar, 3 inputs
4) CMT : pH (mV) , mV and conductivity, 3 inputs (factory setting required)
5) TET : pH (mV) 2 ways and mV , inputs (factory setting required)
External I/O   RS-232C : for Dot matrix printer/Electronic balance/Data Capture Software (SOFT-CAP) port x2
SS-BUS x1 : for Multiple sample changer , APB
ELE. x1 : for Smart electrode
USB x1 : for USB flash drive, Thermal printer, Keyboard, Barcode reader, Foot switch, USB HUB
TEMP.COMP. x1 : Input terminal for temperature sensor to correct reagent volume, sensor Pt100, temperature reading accuracy : +/- 0.5°C (burette 1 only)
Extensibility   Automatic piston burette : Can control max 10 burette drives (Including two built-in burette drives)
Multiple sample changer : CHA-700
Ambient condition   1) Temperature : 5 to 35°C
2) Humidity : 85%RH or below (no condensation)
Conformity standard   CE marking EMC : EN61326-1 LVD : EN61010-1 RE Directive
Burette unit EBU FCC Part15 SubpartC FCC ID : 2ABSVEBU01
Option   Printer – Thermal Printer, Dot Matrix Printer
Sampling Unit, Changer –  DCU-551N, CHD-502N
Software – SOFT-CAP (Data acquisition software)
Power source   AC100 to 240V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption   Main unit : Approx. 20W
Printer : Approx. 7W
Weight   Titration unit : Approx. 4.0kg
Printer : Approx. 0.4kg
Dimensions   Titration unit : 141(W) x 296(D) x 367(H)mm (not incl. tubing)
Printer : 106(W) x 180(D) x 88(H) mm

Brochure: KEM Automatic Titrator AT-710 Series

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