Ayalytical Instruments is expanding its horizons

Ayalytical Instruments is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Lawler Manufacturing Corp., a renowned producer of a wide product line of petroleum-testing equipment, as of September 3, 2020. Since its inception more than 65 years ago, Lawler has produced innovative instruments for the testing of diesel fuels, jet fuel, and lubricant oils such as engine, hydraulic, gear, and automatic transmission fluids (ATF). More specifically, Lawler Manufacturing Corp. offers instruments for petroleum test methods such as low temperature Brookfield viscosity, kinematic viscosity, oxidation stability, and low temperature filterability.

Lawler Manufacturing Crop. has built a solid reputation as a company whose main purpose is to produce and supply cutting-edge scientific equipment to determine physical, chemical, and quality parameters for the Oil & Gas, Chemical, & Food industries. This new addition to the Ayalytical Instruments family offers the exceptional ability to manufacture custom apparatus made to user’s’ unique test procedure specifications as well as those for standard heated aluminum blocks, refrigerated baths, and programmable baths. Lawler has maintained its commitment to meet the specifications of ASTM test methods, as well as IP, Federal Test Method 791C, DIN and others.

This milestone marks the first time Ayalytical Instruments has acquired a company with such a distinguished product line and vast pre existing customer base. Ayalytical Instruments’ main focus has always been on delivering the highest quality of service through our responsiveness, genial customer relationships, and high-caliber instrumentation from top global manufacturers. Ayalytical Instruments is confident that, with this acquisition, we will expand and upgrade our portfolio of products through the increase of technological innovation, a decisive factor that will leverage the move to the next level in our participation in the marketplace , all the while remaining true to our original customer-centered mission. We are 100% committed to building and growing Lawler. Many of our customers around the world are looking for the dedication and commitment to lab performance that Lawler brings to the table. We look forward to continuing to offer the best customer service and technical support to our customers that Ayalytical Instruments has to offer and extending this experience to Lawler’s pre existing clientele.



Lawler Manufacturing has a legacy of making stable, reliable instrumentation for the petroleum industry for 65+ years. We will continue to deliver this long-standing design legacy without compromising Ayalytical Instruments’ long -held commitment to the highest standards of the customer service experience. There’s significant work and opportunity ahead, and we’re excited to get started.” – (Juan J Ayala, CEO of AYALYTICAL)                                                                                                                                                                                



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