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Asphalt Oxidizing Reactor – Blow Still

Compact design. Efficient execution. Big performance.


Designed with certitude.

Model 90 asphalt oxidizing reactor is designed expressly for the effective study of oxidation of asphalt at elevated temperatures for the manufacture of roofing materials. Made of all stainless steel, and with a compact size of approximately 4 inches (internal diameter) by 18 inches (height), Model 90 performs as an electrically heated reactor with a mixer, as an efficient air sparger for maximum gas dispersion, and as a bottom drain.

The reactor cover has provisions for venting the off-gases and for reactor loading. The sparger, thermocouple and mixer are removable from the reactor cover to facilitate cleaning. The bottom drain has a special ball valve trapping a minimum volume of reactants, allowing the full reactor charge to be efficiently mixed. The reactants are agitated by twin turbine mixers operated by a controllable variable speed motor. The electrically heated and insulated stainless reactor may be lifted from the stand for easier cleaning.

The reactants’ temperature is controlled by a digital indicating, PID temperature controller. The operating temperature is up to 300°C.  A temperature limit control is provided, which prevents overheating. The airflow is controlled by a precision needle valve and measured by a rotary flowmeter capable of 0 to 10 liters per minute of air. An air pressure regulator also is provided.

The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No accessories are required
2nd Year:
No accessories are required
All Optional Accessories / Remaining Parts:
The Operating Temperature   Up to 300°C.
Airflow   Controlled by a precision needle valve 
Flowmeter   Capable of 0 to 10 liters per minute of air
Digital indicating   PID temperature controller
Shipping weight    
Dimensions with crate