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Total Sediment in Residual Fuels

Eradicating the insoluble, delivering the indispensable
ASTM D4870, IP 375, IP 390, ISO 10307,

								ASTM D4870, 
								IP 375, IP 390, 
								ISO 10307, 

When dependability and accuracy are your utmost priorities

Ensuring full compliance with ASTM D4870, IP 375, IP 390, and ISO 10307, this fuel sediment filter apparatus is ideal for the determination of insoluble material content for distillate and residual fuel oils. The total sediment extraction apparatus works by filtering a 10g oil sample at 100ºC. After solvent washing and drying, the total sediment on the Filter medium is then weighed before the test is repeated.

Ayalytical Instruments’ stainless steel total sediment filtration apparatus is comprised of two filtration cells, each of which encompasses a heating (steam) and cooling (water) brass cup with a centered brass disk for support of microfiber filters, and a vacuum circuit with regulation valve. This dual-cell fuel sediment filter design easily increases operator efficiency via the provision of two testing stations. The durable extraction instrument comes complete with 500 mL flask fitted with protection mesh and a vacuum manometer for precise pressure readings, because accuracy is our priority as well as yours.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
GFA FILTER, pack of 100 pcs. x2
SINTERED DISC, pack of 2 pcs x2
Only for IP 390 ISO 10307-2
CONICAL FLASK, pack of 10 pcs x1
AIR CONDENSER TUBE, pack of 10 pcs x1
2nd Year:
Same as 1st year
Remaining Parts:
ANALYTICAL BALANCE Range 220 g., readout 0.0001, pan Ø80
PETRI DISH, pack of 2 pcs Ø60×20 mm
GFA FILTER, pack of 100 pcs Ø47 mm
THERMOMETER Scale 95° +105°C, div.0.5°
Only for IP 390 ISO 10307-2
AGEING BATH With 6 air wells
CONICAL FLASK, pack of 10 pcs 50 ml, with cork
AIR CONDENSER TUBE, pack of 10 pcs Made of glass
Test Method Compliance   ASTM D4870 IP 375 IP 390 (PROC.A) ISO 10307
Temperature   from ambient to 100°C (212°F)
Weight    15 kg
Dimensions   635x220x456cm
Shipping weight    
Dimensions with crate    


Brochure: Total Sediment by Nordexp

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