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TSHR TN 6000 Total Nitrogen Analyzer

UOP 936, UOP 971, ASTM D4629, ASTM D5762, ASTM D6069, ASTM D7184,

								UOP 936, UOP 971, 
								ASTM D4629, ASTM D5762, ASTM D6069, ASTM D7184, 

Designed for novice to expert levels

An exceedingly versatile and reliable trace total nitrogen analyzer, the TSHR test, TN 6000 is capable of measuring solid samples from 30 ppb to 5.000 ppm and liquids, gases and LPG samples from 30 ppb to 10.000 ppm. In addition to being fully compliant with ASTM, IP, UOP, ISO and other industrial and environmental standards, this total nitrogen analyzer produces a smooth and complete combustion, resulting in a high stability with minimal corrective maintenance.

Once combustion products exit the furnace, they are dehydrated and the NO is detected by the principle of ozone chemiluminescense, allowing for quick, accurate and precise measurements. The instrument’s accurate analysis is the result of its boat and liquid introduction system, which is controlled by TSHR’s proprietary easy-to-use and intuitive Athena software. When combined with a high sample load capacity and an integrated septum stopper, the software minimizes weighing errors and eliminates interference from non-homogeneous samples. The Athena software included with the analyzer requires a computer with an IntelCore i3 or AMD Phenom (or better) processor and runs under Windows 7 or later operating systems.

The TN 6000 Total Nitrogeny Analyzer’s versatility also provides the option to include a sulfur (UV) and/or a TX chlorine microcoulometric module that makes it possible to determine total chlorides and also nitrogen and sulfur simultaneously.

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The following accessories are recommended for purchase in sequential order (see eStore):

1st Year:
No spare parts are required
2nd Year:
No spare parts are required
Remaining Parts:
Regulatory compliance   ASTM, IP, UOP, ISO
Parameter   TN Liquids / TN Solids
Working ranges   TN Liquids: 0,03 – 5.000 ppm
TN Solids: 0,5 – 10.000 ppm
Detection Limit   TN Liquids: 30 ppb
TN Solids: 30 ppb
Sample Matrix   TN Liquids: Heavy hydrocarbons, plastics, Solids
Quantity of sample   TN Liquids: 0,1 – 100 mg
Analysis time   TN Liquids: < 10 minutes
Relative standard deviation   TN Liquids: < 5%
Parameter   6000 series
Furnace Temperature Sensor   2 x Ni-Cr/Ni
Furnace configuration   Dual temperature controlled
Furnace Temperature   1250 °C Max
Type of Analyses   Total Nitrogen (extra options: Total Halogens and Total Sulphur)
Detection Principle   Chemiluminescene (extra options: Coulometrics and Pulsed UV-Fluorescence)
PC operating system   Windows 7 or higher
Computer   Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom or better
Software   Athena
Furnace Voltage   2 x 24 V, 50/60 Hz
Furnace power   2 x 300 W
Gas connector   1/8” swagelok
Gasses   O2 (99,6%) medical grade 2.6
Ar or He (99,998%) technial grade 4.8
Gas pressure   2 – 3 Bar (30-45 psi)
Ambient temperature   5 – 35 °C (41 – 95 °F)
Voltage   115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power   1200W
Dimensions   960 (W) x 390 ( H) x 590 (D) mm
37,7 (W) x 15,4 ( H) x 23,2 (D) inches

Brochure: TSHR TN 6000

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